Neutrogena Vs CeraVe: Who Has The Skincare Products?

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    When it comes to Neutrogena vs CeraVe, which one should you go for?

    There are a lot of products from Neutrogena and Cerave that it might become too tasking to select the right one from the pool. If you’re finding it difficult to choose appropriate products between these two brands, then you’re in good hands. If you’re one of those who don’t know if CeraVe or Neutrogena will give them better results, you should read this article carefully.

    I’ll be introducing you to all the differences and similarities between them. You’ll also learn the pros and cons of each brand so you can choose the one that is likely to give you the best results. Let’s get into it:

      Neutrogena vs CeraVe: Product Overviews

      CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

      It can be used by people with sensitive or dry skin. it’s also suitable for people suffering from eczema as it comes with a seal of approval from the National Eczema Association (NEA).

      Cost and Value

      The lotion is priced reasonably. It’s not too expensive especially if you have sensitive skin and want to keep your body moisturized throughout winter and summer.

      Benefits and Uses

      The Cerave moisturizer can be used for sensitive and dry skin for a hydrating effect. It’s free from fragrance, oil, and it’s non-comedogenic. So, if you have sensitive skin, this won’t cause extreme irritation to you after use. It comes with the MVE Delivery Technology that helps prolongs the moisturizing effect of the lotion on the skin. It’s dermatologist recommended and is filled with 3 essential ceramides so that the body can get optimum protection against environmental pollutants.


      All moisturizing lotions have ingredients, even though they might be different. Fortunately, the ingredients in the Cerave body lotion are good. The key ones are:

      Hyaluronic acid: The main function of this ingredient is to help the skin retain its moisture. It alleviates dry skin by attracting moisture to the skin’s surface. This leaves the skin cells softer, plumper, and smoother.

      Ceramides: This helps in building up the skin’s natural barrier, which is important for healthy skin. The action of this ingredient keeps out environmental pollutants and bacteria. There are many other ingredients in the lotion but these are the important ones and how they affect the way the lotion works.


      Although it’s a little expensive. But if you can afford it, I’ll say you should go for this lotion. It has received thousands of reviews and ratings from other uses and the majority of these are positive.

      It’s not common to see this with many products even in the same category as this Cerave moisturizer. A lot of people have benefited from it and it doesn’t have ingredients that can give you bad breakout or side effects.

      Neutrogena Acne Wash and Other Products

      The acne line is a great first skincare regime for teens. Salicylic acid is the key ingredient used to fight acne in their lines and it is effective in clearing skin. Look for the acne proof and rapid clear lines. If you find the Salicylic acid to harsh for your skin you can try their classic gentle face wash it is a gold color and very effective. Anti-aging is another strong point of the Neutrogena brand. The healthy skin line is great for when you first start noticing fine lines and wrinkles it has day and night cream with retinol. If you just need more moisture they have a hydro-boost collection that will keep your skin from over-drying and keep it plump. This brand is priced at the upper end of drug store skincare lines but delivers results like a high-end department store brand. Other products include:

      • The Anti-Residue Shampoo
      • T/Gel daily control (Dandruff Shampoo)
      • Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo
      • T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo (Scalp Build-up Control)
      • T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo (Extra Strength)
      • Therapeutic Shampoo (Stubborn Itch) and
      • T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo (Original Formula).

      Verdict: Face Wash and Lotion

      This isn’t a true comparison because both products are quite different and you can get the two if you want. Face wash from Neutrogena and lotion from CeraVe. The Neutrogena Acne Wash is slightly more expensive than the Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Also, Neutrogena is formulated with Salicylic acid while CeraVe contains Hyaluronic acid and essential ceramides. Because of the ingredient, CeraVe may provide more moisturization than Neutrogena.

      Verdict: Neutrogena and CeraVe Daily Lotions

      However, we can compare the Neutrogena Daily Facial Lotion and Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion. If you have normal/dry skin, then go for the CeraVe daily moisturizer. The Neutrogena, on the other hand, is suitable for sensitive skin.

      In addition, Neutrogena is designed for the face and neck area while the CeraVe can be used on the body.

      Neutrogena vs CeraVe

      Knowing your skin type, the kind products available to you, and considering the ingredients in the product you’re buying is important. When you know your skin type, you’ll be able to decide if it’s CeraVe or Neutrogena that’s good for you. And when you know the products for your skin type, it becomes easy to select out of the dozens of options available to you. And most importantly, being familiar with ingredients helps you weed out the bad products.

      Just because a brand is reputable doesn’t mean all their products are great. Some products don’t live up to the brand’s reputation! When all of these are put into consideration, it becomes much easier to select the right product for your skin. 

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